Smart download manager for macOS. Unleash your bandwidth.


Resume Interrupted Downloads

Maxel saves partial downloads so you can resume them anytime, and you won't lose your progress if your computer restarts*.

Fits into Your Workflow

Effortlessly add downloads to Maxel:


Download files faster with download acceleration.

Real Speed

Maxel is a download accelerator—it splits each download in up to 100 parts and downloads each part simultaneously to let you max your bandwidth. Learn More

Easy on the CPU

Maxel's core download engine is written in C for blazing fast performance, and parallelizes more efficiently than competing download accelerators.

Downright Delightful

An experience only possible in a native app.

Maxel behaves as you would expect from a Mac App: familiar keyboard shortcuts, Quicklook, and more—Maxel will make you feel right at home.

Other features include:

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