Browser Extensions

Add downloads right from your browser.

Supported Browsers (click to download)

Safari 13.0+ users: the extension comes with Maxel 2.5.0 and above

Method one: Add Links to Maxel

1. Using your mouse: click and drag to select text containing links.

2. Right click and select Download in Maxel

3. Maxel should open and show the links in the Add Sheet

Hint: you can configure Maxel to automatically add using the defaults in the preferences

Method two: Automatic Download Interception (Chrome and Firefox Only)

Click Maxel's toolbar icon and enable Download Interception.

Method three: Open Page in Built-in Browser

Click Maxel's toolbar icon and click Open Page in Maxel. The current page should open in Maxel, which should trigger the Built-in Browser.

Can't get it working? Email [email protected] and I'll help you out!

Also check out the browser that's built right into Maxel.