Control Maxel from scripts and plugins.

Making something? Email [email protected] so we can lock down the API. Otherwise the API will be subject to change.

API Documentation

Maxel responds to the maxel:// protocol.

The link takes the format maxel://action/payload

Currently, the only supported action is add, which adds links to the add sheet and pops it open if not already open.

The payload is a JSON string that's been URI encoded. For the add action, it looks like this:

  "version": 0.8, // minimum version of Maxel required to handle this message
  "agent": "YourAppName",
  "urls": [ // Contains as many links as you want
      "href": "http://example.com",
      "title": "Example" // optional, not used today
      "href": "sftp://[email protected]/file",
      "title": "SFTP Example"

After converting to a JSON string and URI encoding, it will look something like this: