Add Sheet Help

The Add Sheet is where you can quickly paste links you wish to download all at once.

Tip: You can also add links by dragging and dropping text into Maxel's dock icon or window

Step 1: Paste in links here. Maxel accepts links starting with either http:// https:// or sftp://, followed by a domain (such as and path (such as /file.ext). You can optionally specify port, user, password, and path. Maxel will highlight rejected entries in red and accepted in blue.

Step 2 (optional): By default, Maxel will download to your Downloads directory. Click to change the destination. To set a new destination, edit the default download directory in Maxel's preferences.

Step 3 (optional): Optionally specify how many connections you want Maxel to use. 10 is probably a good number, but you may get better speeds by increasing the number of connections. Careful! Going too high will decrease performance.

Button 4, 5: Hit Add (5) to bring the accepted URLs into Maxel!